Wednesday Night Net

The Valencia Count Amateur Radio Association holds a formal net each Wednesday on 145.430MHz (-) 100Hz tone at 8:00PM local time.

Current Net Controllers are:
Ralph, NM5RC
Greg, KG5OCW
John, K8JWS
Earl, KB5UEW
Gene, KI5BZI
Charlie, NM5CL
Nick, KI5MFF

Net Controllers: Please announce the net 5 to 15 minutes before the start. Sample:
“Attention all stations, please join the Valencia County Amateur Radio Association for the Wednesday night net, held weekly on 145.430 MHz, (-) offset, 100 Hz PL tone.  The net begins at 8:00PM. This is an open net and all licensed operators are welcome to join us.  This is [YOUR CALL] for club station KC5OUR.”

Protocol: The following is the Preamble and format for the VCARA Wednesday night net:

This is the Valencia County Amateur Radio Association Wednesday night net held on 145.430 MHz every week starting at 8:00 PM local time.

Your control operator tonight is [YOUR NAME & CALL].  I will be using the club call sign KC50UR for this net.

Before the net begins, is there anyone needing to use this repeater for emergency traffic? If so call now or break in at any time during the net.. [BREAK and listen for emergency traffic]

Hearing nothing, I will begin by calling club officers and committee chairs.

President – John, K8JWS
Vice President – Earl, KB5UEW 
Secretary – John, KB5ENN
Treasurer – Charlie, NM5CL
Past President – Chris, W5CSG
ARES Chairman – Chris, W5CSG
Newsletter Editor – Ginger, KC5MTI
Repeater Chairman – Chris, W5CSG
Special Events Coordinator – Ralph, NM5RC

At this time I will call for general check-ins.  We welcome all licensed amateurs, you do not have to be a club member to check in.  When you check in please give your call sign, name and if you have comments for the net.
(Take all check-ins until you hear no more, then go back to each check-in [in order] and engage in conversation.  Casual comments are welcome – make it fun. Then take more ck-ins)

Are there any hams – new hams, old hams, or mobile hams wishing to check in to the Valencia County Amateur Radio Association net, please call now.  (Take all, repeat above process, then make a last call for ck-ins.)

This is last call for check-ins, rechecks, comments or questions.
(When none, close the net with:)

At this time I will declare this net closed and turn the repeater back to its normal service. This is [YOUR CALL] for club station KC50UR saying 73 and good night.

• Record the number of check-ins and announcements made during the net.
• Give the net count information to Charlie, NM5CL.