As one of its activities the Valencia County Amateur Radio Association Supports Public Service and Emergency communications for our county, communities, relief  Agencies, and our neighbors. This effort is organized and directed by a combined ARES / RACES group of operators.

We welcome all Amateur Radio Operators to join in this effort. We also welcome the opportunity to help by providing communications for public events in the county  – Just contact one of our ARES / RACES Officers

Our emergency operations guidelines with several attached references are included in this web site. Feel free to peruse them. Our ARES / RACES operators should keep a current copy of these guidelines in their response kit. Other ARES / RACES groups are welcome to use any portion of these guidelines that might be useful to them.

ARES Officials
What is ARES
ARES Radio Considerations
Valencia County ARES Operations Manual3 Revision 1 20230716-1
Valencia Co ARES Frequencies
ARES Registration Form


Do you want to Learn about Disaster Recovery and Disaster Mitigation Strategies? Here is a self led resource for Disaster management from FEMA to assist you to learn about this important topic, and how you fit in as a citizen, a volunteer, or an ARES/RACES Operator. It is located at