Silent Keys

We dedicate this webpage to the following silent keys who contributed to the success of ham radio and the special part each played in our lives. As you look through this list you will remember many conversations and the fun times shared. May they rest in peace until we meet again.

VCARA Silent Keys
 Don Gibson, KC5RTT 2000
Barry Smith (no license) 2000
 Don Enterline, WB5YBD 2002
 Robert Carlstedt, N5ZGN 2002
 Robert Perry, KD5TCA 2003
 David Marshall, W7MBH 2003
 Larry Copeland, KA0HKA 2003
 Jaime Smith, W2AWD 2005
 Chester Cook, KC5MQP 2005
 Keith Pfefferle, N5ZGM 2005
 Don Tennyson, KD5ONU 2007
 Eliseo L. Chavez, KJ5UA 2009
 Jim Rounding, W1LZS 2010
 Harvey Briggs, WA6HWQ 2010
Jerry Yost, N7YYA 2011
 Mark Benjamin Rasmusson, NM5Y 2012
 Jack Leonard Elliott, W5ZZM 2013
 Eleseo Sisneros, K5ERS 2013
Charlotte R. Gaussoin, KD5OHZ 2013
Joseph R (Dick) Doyle, NO5T 2014
Donn Chioda, WA6KQU 2014
Bill Deneen, KB9PUI 2014
Joseph Griffenberg, KB5TOF 2018
David L Kirk, KN0LMO 2020
Jens Rossler, KG5HNR 2021
Larry Dill