How to Join/Pay My Dues

VCARA Meeting Schedule
Association meetings are held on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 7:00 PM at the club station in Belen, with two exceptions.  During June we meet during our Field Day station operation (fourth full weekend in June).  In December we meet for a Christmas dinner. All Hams and those interested in Amateur Radio are invited to our meetings. For Additional information about the VCARA follow this link

Joining the VCARA
For Information on how to join the Valencia County Amateur Radio Association, Please click on the VCARA Club Officers link here, or at the top of the Index page, and e-mail one of the Club officers for information. Better yet, Come on in and join us for one of our monthly meetings, We would love to have you join us for good fellowship, and our informational presentations! You can also send in your dues to the club treasurer as outlined below.

Paying Dues
Persons wishing to become Members of the VCARA or current VCARA members who have circumstances that prevents them from attending association meetings can use the schedule below, and send in your dues with This Form to the club secretary at:
VCARA Secretary
PO Box 268
Peralta NM 87042
Please see the IMPORTANT section below, and then use the schedule below to calculate your dues.

Regular Membership–$15.00 per year
Family Membership–$18.00 per year
Associate Membership $ 6.00 per year

After January 1st and before July 1st , the dues for new members will be:
$8 for regular membership,
$9 for family membership, and
$3 for an associate membership for rest of year.

Any member whose dues have not been received by the Secretary within three months after expiration date shall be  dropped from the membership rolls.
The membership dues year is from July 1 to June 30.

If You elect to pay your dues by mail, please download the Form here, print it out, and after you fill out the form, include it in the envelope with your check or money order. Also, please include your current call sign,  the call sign (if they have one) and the name of  the family member if you are paying for a family membership, your name and address, and an E-mail address that you can be contacted at and if you are an ARRL member. (We need this to maintain our ARRL club affiliation.) Please do not send cash to pay your dues when using the US mail, Checks or Money Orders are preferred. You may also pay your Dues at any club meeting directly to the VCARA Secretary at which time the secretary will accept cash without hesitation.

Donations to the VCARA
If you Wish to Donate funds to the VCARA to help the Association fund some of the equipment and supplies needed by the VCARA members when they are asked to assist with emergency services and community events where the services offered by the VCARA are requested. Some of the community events the VCARA helps with are JOTA, (Jamboree on the air) for the Boy Scouts, assisting Boy Scouts to get their Radio Merit Badges, and others. The VCARA members volunteer their time and equipment to assist with these events. VCARA ARES/RACES members can also be found assisting when with emergency communications when a disaster  happens in communities in Valencia County, and sometimes in other areas of the state when our assistance is requested. Please contact one of the VCARA club officers to make arrangements for your donation,  or you can  mail a check or money order to the VCARA Secretary at the address above, please include a return address, so that the Club Secretary will know where to send a receipt to you for your donation. Your donation will be greatly  appreciated, and will help the VCARA members to accomplish more during the year in our communities.