VE Testing   July 23rd, 2021

VE testing is conducted monthly
on the 2nd Saturday  
at the VCARA Clubhouse.
Next test date:
September 11, 2021
0900 – 1100 local time

Please bring the following:
* Two forms of ID, one must be photo ID
* Copy of current license if applicable
* $14.00 cash, check or money order

**You MUST have an FRN before being tested**

Please contact Chris W5CSG
or email:
for your appointment.
We are ADA compliant
Please advise in advance
if you have special needs.

Upcoming Events:   March 1st, 2019

The VCARA bi-weekly event begins again
at Denny’s in Los Lunas.
Wednesday, September 22
Begin seating at 1:30pm

Non-member visitors are welcome to join us

Will be held at the clubhouse.
Tuesday, September 28 – 7:00pm

Those members NOT comfortable
with attending in person
may join the meeting on Zoom.
Follow the link below to join the meeting:
Meeting ID: 971 1535 5215
Passcode: VCARA
Contact Kevin K5ZOO with your questions.

Saturday, October 16, 2021
Details to follow

Marketplace Ads   March 1st, 2019

Note:  To place an ad, email a description of the item(s) you want to advertise along with your asking price, name & call sign and how to contact you to:
Only Ham related ads will be accepted.
Ads will remain in the listings for 30 days unless you indicate you wish it to continue for another 30 days.

HF Transceiver
Icom 706 MKIIG
Includes: HM 103 Mic,
Mobile Mount & Separation Kit

Desk Microphone
Astatic D-104, Chrome

CW Key
Vibroplex Single Lever

3 Element HF Beam Antenna
Cushcraft A3
with 40m Add-on Kit

Variable Power Supply
Daiwa RS300, 30A output

Pocket Morse Code Tutor
Model MFJ-418

Contact Paul N5PR
(505) 999-8253