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August 11
Cynthia Wimberly, KL7FQR: Upgrade to General Class
Kevin Welander: Technician Class

Congratulations to both candidates.

2018 New Mexico QSO Party results

VCARA:  4th Place –  High Score, Club Category
VCARA: 2nd Place – Mult-Operator Category

A big “Thank you” to all the operators
who spent time at the mic.

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VCARA net starts at 8:00 pm (local time) on 146.700MHz, negative offset, 100Hz tone
The 70 cm (442.700) net opens immediately following the 2m net on the last Wednesday of the month.

Aug 22 – Charlie, NM5CL
Aug 29 – Greg, KG5OCW
Aug 29 – Charlie, NM5CL (70cm Net)

Sep 05 – Elvira, KD5UJQ
Sep 12 – Russ, KD5UJR
Sep 19 – Ralph, NM5RC
Sep 26 – Charlie, NM5CL
Sep 26 – Charlie, NM5CL (70 cm Net)

View Net Protocol 
Net Control Operators: if your plans change please contact Charlie at

The clubhouse is open each Saturday from 0900 until 1200 local time with exception of holidays & other events.
The following is the schedule of officers for opening/closing the clubhouse on the date indicated.

Aug 25 – Charlie, NM5CL (ARES Meeting)

Sep 01 – Ralph, NM5RC
Sep 08 – Chris, W5CSG (VE Testing)
Sep 15 – Ty, K5WY
Sep 22 – Charlie, NM5CL (ARES Meeting)
Sep 29 – Ralph, NM5RC

The above schedule is subject to change.
Please notify NM5CL if you are not available on your scheduled date.

VCARA ARES Group – Updates   June 12th, 2018

 ARES Group:
VC DEC/Committee Chairman: Chris Gillespie, W5CSG
VC AEC –  Special Projects: Ralph Clark, NM5RC
VC AEC –  Net Manager: Charlie Lyon, NM5CL
VC AEC –  Logistics: George Cusack, K6GTC

♦ Tri-County ARES Net: This net runs every Thursday for coordination of ARES members from Socorro, Torrance and Valencia Counties. The net is held on the URFMS system, and begins at 1930 hrs.  All licensed operators are invited to check in to the net. (In Valencia county, try the 146.960 Capilla repeater.)

ARES Membership Form: posted 11/28/2012. Click Here ;
♦ Valencia County ARES Manual:
posted 11/28/2012. Click Here

Event Scheduled (recurring) 4th Saturday of each month at 9:00 am at Clubhouse: All ARES members (and non-members) are invited to attend these meetings to participate in training and field exercises, etc.

  Find FEMA courses required for ARES membership here: