VCARA News   January 1st, 2022


John Quick, KI5QKV
upgraded to General Class
Saturday, Jan 14

Way to go, John.


for monthly NM EmComm Net.

This net meets on 3939 KHz on the 1st Sunday of each month and consumes approximately 30 minutes of your time. We have three NCS at this time and with four operators each NCS would call a net only three times each year.
Hey, call a half hour net only three times a year? What a deal.
Contact Charlie, NM5CL to sign up.
Your 1st net will be at 1930 on Sunday, April 02, 2023.

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VCARA net starts at 8:00 pm (local time) on 145.430MHz (-) 100Hz tone.

Jan 04 – Ralph, NM5RC
Jan 11 – Greg, KG5OCW
Jan 18 – Al, W5ACW
Jan 25 – Gene, KI5BZI

Feb 01 – Chris, KF5EMP
Feb 08 – John, K8JWS
Feb 15 – Earl, KB5UEW
Feb 22 – Charlie, NM5CL

Mar 01 – Nick, KI5MFF
Mar 08 – Ralph, NM5RC
Mar 15 – Greg KG5OCW
Mar 22 – Al, W5ACW
Mar 29 – Gene, KI5BZI

View Net Protocol 
Net Control Operators: if you cannot call the net on your scheduled date please find a substitute or contact Charlie at

Saturday Breakfast Club   January 1st, 2022

Grab a breakfast in-a-bag
at your favorite fast-food drive-up,
then tool it on over to the clubhouse.

Club members and visitors are invited to join your fellow hams for informal breakfast and fellowship each Saturday morning. BYOB

Unless otherwise posted, we meet from 0900-1200 at the club.
Non-member guests are always welcome

VCARA ARES Group – Updates   January 1st, 2022

 ARES Group:
VC DEC/Committee Chairman: Chris Gillespie, W5CSG
VC AEC –  Special Projects: Ralph Clark, NM5RC
VC AEC –  Net Manager: Charlie Lyon, NM5CL
VC AEC –  Logistics: George Cusack, K6GTC

♦ Tri-County ARES Net: This net runs every Thursday for coordination of ARES members from Socorro, Torrance and Valencia Counties. The net is held on the URFMS system, and begins at 1930 hrs.  All licensed operators are invited to check in to the net. (In Valencia county, try the 146.960 Capilla repeater.)

ARES Membership Form: posted 11/28/2012. Click Here ;
♦ Valencia County ARES Manual:
posted 11/28/2012. Click Here

 Training and Field Exercises: 4th Saturday of each month at 10:00 am at Clubhouse: All ARES members (and non-members) are invited to attend these meetings to participate in classroom training and field exercises.
Note: This activity is on hold until further notice.

  Find FEMA courses required for ARES membership here: