Belen Special Event Station

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Belen, NM  (BETHLEHEM).  Belen is Spanish for Bethlehem the King of Spain, Philip V, established this community along the banks of the Rio Grande in 1737 on a grant. Valencia County is of magnificent beauty.  To the East are mountains and to the West are mesas and cliffs.  The Rio Grande cuts through the center portion of the county. Belen is a Railroad center for the A.T, & S.F. railroads. The county has developed many Schools and Churches.  This community is a blend of its strong Hispanic Heritage and newer Anglo influence.

Each Year the VCARA operates a special events station on or about the week before Christmas. Check our web site for announcements or QST for the specific dates regarding this special event from the “City of Bethlehem” New Mexico. Stations Contacting the Special Events station are eligible to receive a “Special Event QSL Card” from the VCARA in exchange for sending the VCARA one of their QSL cards and a SASE. The VCARA Special Events QSL card is never the same two years in a row, and as this fact makes these QSL cards very special, and somewhat of a collector’s item. Maybe next year you should gather your children, and or your grandchildren around the station, and try to contact KC5OUR during the special event, and send us one of your QSL cards and a SASE (Self Addressed Envelope) for their copy of the unique QSL card from Bethlehem New Mexico. The 2002 Bethlehem QSL card designed by John Cresap is shown below.